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Spring is here and with it comes warmer weather, awesome cookouts, evening cocktails, nighttime swims and you guessed it . . . Mosquitoes. With the Zika and the West Nile Viruses becoming a real threat it’s imperative to keep the mosquito population on your property to a minimum. There are many preventive and proactive insect control measures that you can take to help provide you and your family an insect free season. If you hate getting bit up, there are ten mosquito prevention methods you can do to around your home to help prevent being eaten alive.


Look for standing water around your home. Cans, tires, buckets, inflatable swimming pools, saucers under flower pots, canvas tarps, bird baths and just about anywhere that water can collect.

water left in saucers at the bottom of pots is a breeding ground for mosquitoes
Tires collect water, become stagnant and are a breeding ground for mosquitoes

TIP #2

Look around your air conditioner where water drains off, by your gutter spouts, your hoses – make sure nothing is leaking and no water is accumulating.

TIP #3

Address swampy areas in your lawn where water might not be draining. Consider installing a French drain or another type of drainage system.

TIP #4

Don’t overwater your lawns.

mosquito prevention: Improper drainage can create a breeding ground for mosquitoes
stagnant water pools and puddles are a breeding ground for mosquitoes

TIP #5

Change the water in your birdbath at least once a week.

TIP #6

If you have an ornamental pool, consider stocking it with top feeding minnows.

dirty birdbaths are a breeding ground for mosquitoes
Stock your ornamental pool with minnows or other fish

TIP #7

Clean out your gutters. If leaves are blocking the flow of water, your gutters become mini cesspools and a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

dirty gutters are a breeding ground for mosquitoes

TIP #8

Contact Cramer Pest Control and ask about their Premier Plus service and get monthly mosquito prevention treatments May thru September.

TIP #9

Contact Cramer Pest Control and ask about the MISTAWAY system. It provides season long Insect control for mosquitoes and other hungry insects.

TIP #10

You’re in charge of your own property but if you find that your neighbors are not taking preventive mosquito measures consider referring them to Cramer Pest. Tell them about their mosquito treatments and services. You’ll even get a $25 service credit in the process!

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