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Chris Cramer and Family

Our Company Story

Cramer Pest Control began in a small country town called Lawrenceville, PA, well not the actual company, but rather the principles by which we are run. Growing up in a one stop light town you quickly recognize that people talk, and when they talk your business can grow or diminish. I can further substantiate this truth by the fact that my mother ran the beauty shop in town. Nothing happened that Shirley’s Beauty Shop didn’t know about and as a child I sat shotgun with ears wide open in my mother’s clients’ laps. Shirley’s is closed now, but I still love that town and I love the people in it, I love that they know your name and hold you accountable.

We still run Cramer Pest Control as if we were in Lawrenceville. Cramer Pest Control was started by Gary Cramer Sr. and his son Chris in Charlotte, NC. We still believe customers have not just the right, but also the obligation to speak with the owner of that business. Our family has run successful service businesses for almost half a century and the recipe for success never changes: if you want to know what Jane Doe buys you must see the world through Jane Doe’s eyes.

We pride ourselves in listening to what our customers want and responding to that need. It is our goal here at Cramer Pest Control to provide you with complete satisfaction. We don’t want customers, we want fans and our service is designed by this simple philosophy.

Our technicians are some of the finest and well trained in the industry with experience in residential homes, apartments, restaurants, health care, medical research, industrial and manufacturing firms. We have ongoing training to stay on the cutting edge of technology for our industry. Our firm is very active in a variety of industry related organizations, we attend many regional and national seminars, and has worked closely past and present with pest control industry related manufacturers and formulators in new product and technology development.

We are active participating members in several industry related associations and organizations. From the techs in the field all the way to the front office we are committed to complete client satisfaction. Should anyone receive anything but 100% satisfaction, we want them to contact one of our service representatives immediately or just maybe you can still call Lawrenceville and Shirley’s Beauty Salon will certainly let us know!

Reasons to Choose Cramer Pest Control of Charlotte, NC and Fort Mill, SC

Honest, Expert Service

Cramer Pest Control Service has been providing Pest Control Management since 2000. We continue to set high standards for ourselves so that our customers receive the best possible service. Our technicians are knowledgeable of the latest in pest control techniques, which enables us to customize effective treatment plans for every situation.

Residential - Commercial - Industrial

Trust your residential and commercial pest control needs to a licensed professional to provide you the protection and safety you deserve. Here at Cramer Pest Control Service, we take pride in our service and quality standards to provide you with a professional and pleasant experience when dealing with your pest control needs. Contact us today and we will take care of the rest.

Our company uses state-of-the art technologies to eliminate and manage your pest problems by using a combination of chemical and non-chemical treatments. We are dedicated to providing a fast and efficient solution to your pest issue.
Fast and Efficient Pest Control

We offer pest control services for termites, bed bugs, wasps and many other pests. We have programs for all different types of homes including multi-family housing, condos, apartments and single family homes. We also provide pest control services to office buildings, schools, hotels and other commercial businesses. Our highly trained and experienced pest control technicians can inspect your business or home and make recommendations based on your unique situation. Whether you are looking for a one time pest control service or year round protection, we offer pest control services that are tailored to your specific needs. We also know how stressful living with a pest problem can be; that’s why our professional team of exterminators will make every effort to make it to your home or business as quickly as possible.

Cramer Pest Control History


  •   1900 Something

    Chris Cramer catches bugs and Cramer Pest Control was born in a small country town called Lawrenceville, PA

  •  2000

    Cramer Pest Control expands to Charlotte, NC and Fort Mill, SC

  •  2006

    Cramer Pest Control introduces one of the newest technologies of Eliminating Pest Using Heat to Charlotte, NC and Fort Mill, SC.

  •   2008

    Cramer Pest Control introduces Charlotte, NC and Fort Mill, SC to the latest Pest Control technologies in the country brings on Bed Bug Inspection Dog named “Charlie”.