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The NPMA estimates property damage upwards of $5 billion each year.



The NPMA estimates property damage upwards of $5 billion each year.




Cramer Pest Control Commercial Services

At Cramer Pest Control we understand the importance of staying in business during the pest control process. All of our commercial pest control services are scheduled to not interfere with your normal business schedule. We can work with your schedule to ensure the job is done quickly and with as little disruption as possible. Cramer Pest Control has experience with commercial businesses of all sizes, including office space and warehouses.


We offer a wide variety of specialty services for restaurants.

  • Fogging
  • Flying Insect Control
  • Extended hour service offered
  • Apartments

We can design a comprehensive plan that fits your budget while providing peace of mind to your residents.

  • Active Member in Charlotte and Triad Apartment Associations
  • Bed Bug Specialists
  • Training Seminars for you and your residents
  • Medical Facilities, Grocery Stores, Food Processing Plants, Property Managers, Industrial, Stadiums & Golf Courses

We utilize Integrated Pest Management to individually design a pest control program to fit your threshold and budget.

Our Commercial Termite Management

Your business needs to have its buildings remain solid for a long time- even if you should be getting ready to sell them. A termite problem can go on for years and no one may even notice that they are there, until the damage is already done. We can remove and protect your buildings from these pests.

Our professionally trained technicians are ready to talk to you about termite control and give you a free consultation and estimate. Whether you have warehouses, educational buildings, medical facilities, or other commercial properties, we can provide your buildings with termite detection, removal, and preventive services. Our services are licensed, insured, and guaranteed.

Our pest control professionals use state of the art tools and equipment in order to provide you with the efficient service your business needs to continue to operate as usual. You don’t have to allow termites to damage your facilities; let our experts protect them for you.

We invite you to talk to us today so you can get a quick consultation for your business. Termites are not waiting around, and neither should you.


Our Bed Bug Services

Cramer Pest Control is the leader in Bed Bug treatments in the Carolinas.

We offer unique environmentally sound bed bug elimination practice that has proven results. Using a combination of thermal remediation and certified K9 teams, we can eliminate the toughest infestations. Heat treatment (thermal remediation) is safe, effective, and environmentally friendly.

Thermal Remediation

To remove bed bugs, heat treatment (or “thermal remediation”) is a unique environmentally sound process that works!

Cramer Pest Control is the number one company for using thermal remediation.

In response to changing government regulations, insect resistance to chemicals and consumer preference for pesticide free products – Cramer Pest Control uses thermal remediation for the treatment of bed bugs using heat.

Cramer’s unique process | Bed Bug Dog Detection

It’s a dog heat dog world. In addition to bed bugs heat treatment, we also use Charlie, our Certified K9 dog which offers the best bed bug dog detection service in the Carolinas to verify infestation. After the heat treatment, we bring our K9 teams back in to verify eradication. You no longer have to wait a month to see if the treatment has worked on bed bugs.

Why are bed bugs still around?

Bed bugs (Cimex Lectularius) are found throughout the world. The number of bed bugs is significantly increasing all throughout North America.

No one truly understands the reason behind the increasing number of bed bugs in North America. The common belief is that the increase of bed bugs is due to reduction in the use of urban pesticides, the more extensive world travel of different cultures, and the growing resiliency to pesticides. The recent and sudden surge of bed bug infestations in both North and South Carolina has been the cause of anxiety and unrest within the general public. In addition to this unrest, the hotel and apartment industries has suffered from negative exposure and has resulted in the need to educate public health officials as well as pest control professionals on safeguarded and preventive measures.

Over the past few years, there has been a compelling increase in the number of bed bug infestations in homes, hotels, apartments, colleges and universities as well as cruise ships. Being able to adapt to these conditions, it is no wonder that we are now able to recognize an infestation early and professional pest control companies such as Cramer Pest Control are able to grasp a better hold on the situation to gain control and also provide preventative measures through the use of our K9 teams including Charlie, the finest bed bug detection dog. In this way, infestations in communities should decline.

You don’t have to wait for bed bugs to find you or your tenants, call Cramer Pest Control and set up your monthly bed bug inspection with our K9 inspector, Charlie.

Our Wildlife Services

Residential Wildlife Removal Service

At Cramer Pest Control, we realize how annoying and potentially damaging it can be to have wildlife running rampant in and around your home. From squirrels and bats in the attic, wild animals are irritating at best and can cause significant damage from ripping apart soffits to leaving behind fecal droppings and destroying property. That is why we offer residential wildlife removal services that are designed to provide homeowners with relief from wild animals, including:

  • Squirrels
  • Bats
  • Birds

Our wildlife removal is a professional and effective solution for your wild animal issues. Our services are customizable to your needs as a homeowner and are designed to get rid of wild animals like, bats and squirrels. Don’t let wild animals invade your home and destroy your yard! Contact Cramer Pest Control for more information.

Effective Animal Trapping Removal and Exclusion

Whether you live in North or South Carolina, with Cramer Pest Control by your side you can rest easy knowing that your wildlife issue will be resolved. We offer a fully integrated wildlife control program designed to remove and prevent wild animal issues for your home. Our services are tailored to your wildlife problem and are available for most types of local wildlife. Our skilled pest control technicians will:

  • Inspect your property for infestations
  • Identify what type of pest is posing a threat to your home and family
  • Humanely trap and remove all wildlife on your property
  • Seal off their access points to prevent them from returning

We also offer friendly suggestions and make recommendations for maintaining a wildlife-free environment as well as point out trouble spots that if corrected, would look less appealing to these pesky animals.