Pest Control for Brokers & Property Management Companies in NC

Real Estate Pest Control

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When you work in real estate, pests can pose a serious challenge. Listing a property with an obvious pest problem can cost you income, or even make landing a sale next to impossible. When dealing with buyers, you must help them ensure the home of their dreams doesn't have a serious pest problem lurking under the surface.

Property Managers, count on us to help with all your real estate pest control needs.

Pest Damage

Home shoppers who are looking to start a new life with a fresh property don't want to inherit a pest infestation. If they enter a property where the presence of cockroaches, ants, mice, silverfish, rats, spiders, millipedes, or other creatures is evident, they likely will turn around and leave, never to return.
You only get one chance to make a favorable first impression. That fact alone makes proactively managing pest control in your listed properties worth the effort and cost. Allow us to help you put the best foot forward.

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Termite Treatments

Whatever problems you're facing, we want to genuinely help.

Try any of our real estate and property management pest control services to avoid future problems.


* Price does not include initial service charge.

** Price is based on 2,500 square foot home. Additional charges may apply for larger homes.

*** Service visits are performed quarterly.

**** Premier programs require a one time fee for the Advance Termite Baiting System.

No matter which service you purchase, our goal is to win you over as a customer for life. We do that by delivering the best care possible, from the moment we arrive at your house, all the way through the treatment process, and after. If you're ever not satisfied with our services, we will immediately take steps to make everything right.

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