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Termite Control

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Everyone knows to fear termites, because they can do serious damage to any building's structure. The fact is most people have no idea if they're at risk of termites. Armed with some knowledge, you can at least guess if you're in need of professional help.

We use the TermaTrac Radar System to see what is behind the walls.

Our inspectors are Master Termite Certified from Clemson University.

We can provide Moisture Barriers, Drain Systems, and Dehumidifiers for comprehensive termite extermination.

Signs of Termite Infestation

Termites are small, like ants. However, they are white in appearance and have soft bodies. Many termites have wings, indicating they can reproduce.
The bad news is if you have any of the above symptoms, your termite infestation might have been going on for months or longer. Waiting to remediate the situation can result in serious damage.


The best way to tell if you really have a termite problem is to have us perform an inspection. It costs nothing, and we can provide solid information on the size and extent of a termite infestation.
We put our expertise to work, so you know once and for all if you have a termite problem. Based on the information we gather, our professional team then formulates a plan to treat your property, making it termite-free. The extent of the infestation will be a major factor in formulating the approach for extermination.

Termite Treatment

Whatever problems you're facing, we want to genuinely help.

Try any of our residential services to avoid future pest problems.


* Price does not include initial service charge.

** Price is based on 2,500 square foot home. Additional charges may apply for larger homes.

*** Service visits are performed quarterly.

**** Premier programs require a one time fee for the Advance Termite Baiting System.

No matter which service you purchase, our goal is to win you over as a customer for life. We do that by delivering the best care possible, from the moment we arrive at your house, all the way through the treatment process, and after. If you're ever not satisfied with our services, we will immediately take steps to make everything right.

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