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Our pest technicians are fully trained and certified, not just in pest control, but also in the proper treatment of our clients and their homes.


"Protecting the little ones you love, from the little one you don't!"

How Can We Help?

At Cramer Pest Control we offer full-service pest control programs, including bed bug treatment, termite control as well as bird and rodent control.

Our Company Story

Cramer Pest Control began in a small country town called Lawrenceville, PA, well not the actual company, but rather the principles by which we are run. Growing up in a one stop light town you quickly recognize that people talk, and when they talk your business can grow or diminish. I can further substantiate this truth by the fact that my mother ran the beauty shop in town. Nothing happened that Shirley’s Beauty Shop didn’t know about and as a child I sat shotgun with ears wide open in my mother’s clients’ laps. Shirley’s is closed now, but I still love that town and I love the people in it, I love that they know your name and hold you accountable.

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Choose Your Level of Protection

Call us at 704-763-0204 – 803-802-7540 or email to schedule your free pest evaluation today!


* Price does not include initial service charge.

** Price is based on 2,500 square foot home. Additional charges may apply for larger homes.

*** Service visits are performed quarterly.

**** Premier programs require a one time fee for the Advance Termite Baiting System.

Our Happy Clients Say

  • Janeen B.
    Once you’ve had a pest problem, you take steps to try and avoid future problems. Since, 2011, I have been on a quarterly treatment program and am happy to report that I have had no evening invasions since then!!! My service technician, Josh, has made me feel less like a number and more like a friend—I can always count on his concern, enthusiasm and professionalism! I would strongly recommend the services provided by Cramer Pest Control!
    Janeen B.
  • Amelia A.
    We began using Cramer Pest Control 4 years ago and have been thoroughly impressed. The technicians have always arrived on time for our scheduled appointments. Cramer sends postcards and make phone calls reminding us of our upcoming treatments. The technicians are friendly, knowledgeable, and conduct themeselves in a professional manner. We are very pleased with the services Cramer has provided!
    Amelia A.
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