Get Rid of Ants Once and For All

If it feels like you’re in a constant battle against ants then you need to work with a professional. Our ant treatment will get rid of your current ants and prevent them from returning!

You can’t kill ants if you can’t identify ants!

There is no one-size fit all approach to control ants – each species requires different insecticides and application methods. Our expert pest control technicians have the knowledge and resources necessary to tackle even the toughest ant infestations.

Our Ant Control Process


Site Assessment

We begin all of our treatment plans with a site assessment – identifying what species is causing the infestation and their entry points. Using the wrong treatment can cause ant colonies to split rather than die – essentially spreading the problem! This is the reason we advise caution with DIY ant control methods – the wrong insecticide can actually worsen your ant problem.


Apply Appropriate Ant Control Treatment

Depending on the type of infestation we will use bait stations, sprays, or granular insecticides to get your ant infestation under control. There are many different active ingredients in different ant killers, but ultimately our goal is to kill the queen so the entire colony collapses. Just killing worker ants is only a short term solution.


Monthly Ant Control Program

To keep ants from returning, ant repellent needs to be reapplied on a monthly basis. We have different treatment plans available depending on your house’s pest control needs, and offer indoor and outdoor ant control. Our technicians will come out on a monthly basis to ensure that your protection stays current.

Reasons To Choose Cramer Pest Control – Fort Mill SC

Expert Service Comes From Expert Training

A core component of our business is training. Our technicians carry Clemson Extension Univ 7A certification, allowing us to safely use and apply regulated pesticides. We run weekly training sessions for all of our staff, including safety training, pest control best practices, and on how to provide top-tier customer service.

We’re Only Finished When You’re Happy With the Results

At Cramer Pest Control we don’t consider our job done until your pest problem has been completely handled. After our technicians visit your home you’ll receive a follow-up call – if you have any remaining concerns let us know and we’ll take care of it!

A Commitment to Customer Service

Everybody says it, but so many pest control companies get it wrong. From your first phone call, to our technician’s visit, to follow-up calls you can expect an unrelenting commitment to your satisfaction. We don’t just want customers, we want raving fans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are ants in my home dangerous?

Generally ants in your home are not dangerous – although some species like fire ants can sting and leave painful blisters and may be dangerous to people who are allergic. Carpenter ants make their nests in wood and if left untreated can cause significant property damage. Pharaoh ants are known to spread salmonella and Streptococcus pyogenes – making them one of the few species of ants implicated in spreading disease.

However, any ant infestation is a nuisance, with ants getting into pet food, making ant mounds in your yard, or just scurrying around your countertops. It is a good idea to have a professional come out and assess your ant problem to keep your family safe and not have to constantly deal with them!

Are there any steps I can take to prevent an infestation?

Ants, like most indoor pests, are attracted to food and water. Fix any small leaks and keep food sources, like pet food containers, tightly sealed to make your house a less tempting place for them to make their home.
Ant trails can give you a good idea of what food sources are acting as attractants. Follow the trails to the source and eliminate whatever is drawing the ants into your home. Using caulk or sealant to close up crevices which are allowing ants easy access to your house can help, although they will still find a way in if the food is tempting enough.

Can ants build nests inside my house?

Most species of ants build their nests in soil, and therefore are more likely to be adjacent to your home rather than inside your home.

One exception to this rule is carpenter ants. Carpenter ant colonies are built in wood – and as such they are known to inhabit homes.

Unlike termites, carpenter ants do not eat wood, instead just using it to construct their ant nests. They are still capable of causing significant structural damage given enough time.

What are some common types of ants found in North and South Carolina?

There are over 200 species of ants in North and South Carolina, although the vast majority of these ants won’t interfere with us or our homes. The typical nuisance species include:

  • Carpenter ants
  • Argentine ants
  • Odorous house ants
  • Imported fire ants

It is important that your exterminator be able to correctly identify which kind of ant is the source of your infestation, as different species require different treatment methods.


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