Take Back Control of Your Home – Fort Mill’s Humane Wildlife Removal Service

We love wild animals – when they’re outside, minding their own business. But once inside your home they cause damage and spread disease. As the experts of humane animal removal, cleanup, damage remediation, and exclusion, we will put you back in control of your home.

Evict Your Nuisance Wildlife and Make Sure They Don’t Come Back!

Animal control is more than just trapping and removing whatever critter is inhabiting your home. Our wildlife control service includes:


A full site assessment to determine wildlife entry points


Check for other unwanted wildlife residing in your home


Humane animal trapping, removal, and relocation


Clean-up, sanitation, and damage repair


Exclusion services to prevent their return.

bat in house

Bat Removal

These spooky looking flying mammals are nature’s pest control – but that doesn’t mean we want them in our homes! Their guano poses a health risk and bats are the most common source of rabies infection in humans! Don’t touch bats! Let the professionals handle these critters!

Racoon Removal in the Midlands

Racoon Removal

Smart, strong, curious, aggressive, destructive, and happy to call your attic their home! Our animal removal service will evict these masked bandits and after our crawlspace or attic restoration your house will be good as new.

cottonmouth snake on road

Snake Removal

Snakes are scary and venomous snakes are dangerous – let our humane animal removal specialists handle these scaly beasties. Since snakes are in your home looking for rodents to snack on – their presence in your home may indicate a bigger wildlife problem! We will thoroughly inspect for signs of other wildlife issues and perform exclusion services to prevent their return.

Squirrel Removal in the Midlands

Squirrel Removal

A squirrel infestation means sleepless nights, chewed up electrical wires, and torn up insulation. We safely trap and remove these nuisance animals, add squirrel-proofing to your roof, and repair the damage they wrought.


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