Experience The Joy of Living Pest-Free in Rock Hill SC with Expert Pest Control

At their best, pests are annoying, and at their worst they spread dangerous diseases, damage your house, and create fire risks. Our pest control technicians have the best training in how to safely and effectively remove all common household pests and will make your home safe again.

Get More Than Just Pest Control – Site Assessments, Pest Removal, Damage Repair, and Exclusion

At Cramer Pest Control we’re not just a couple of guys with a can of roach spray – we’re highly trained professionals with a whole suite of tools and techniques to help tackle your pest issues. We don’t stop at killing bugs and removing wildlife, we make sure your home is safe by cleaning up the waste these pests leave behind, repairing the damage they caused, and preventing their return.

mosquito biting

Mosquito Control

They’re not our state bird but you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise. Instead of drowning your skin in DEET or just accepting being itchy for most of the year, go with our mosquito control plan. Far fewer mosquitoes make your yard a far nicer place to spend time.

Termites in Carolina

Termite Control

In the south, termites are guaranteed to attack any unprotected wooden structures – and your home is no exception. Whether you’ve got termites now or just want the peace of mind of never having them in the future, we can help.

Cockroaches can ruin a good business

Pest Prevention

Our monthly pest prevention program keeps your home free from common pests including cockroaches, ants, flies, silverfish, crickets and more. Contact us for a free quote for a pest-free home.

Squirrel Removal in the Midlands

Wildlife Removal

Squirrels, raccoons, snakes, and bats have one thing in common: they like living in your house. Let us know if you’ve got freeloading critters in need of eviction. We’ll safely and humanely remove the offending pest, clean and disinfect the impacted areas, repair any damage they caused, and install exclusion hardware to prevent their return.

Bed Bug infestation North Carolina

Bed Bug Treatment

These blood suckers are one of the most difficult pest infestations you can face and a night spent sharing your bed with bed bugs will leave you covered in itchy red bites. Our professional pest control technicians will get your infestation under control and let you sleep soundly again.

pest and termite inspections near me

All Pest Control Services

Whether you’re concerned about fleas, or wasps, need help with rodent control, or any other sort of household infestation, Cramer Pest Control can help. We offer homeowners a complete pest control solution by identifying the problem, removing the pest, repairing the damage, and protecting against future invasion.

Reasons To Choose Cramer Pest Control – Fort Mill SC

Expert Service Comes From Expert Training

Training is a core component of our business:

  • Clemson Extension University 7A Certification – all of our technicians are certified to safely use and apply EPA regulated pesticides
  • Termite Treatment Master Certification and Sentricon Certification – all of our termite technicians have gone above and beyond the basic requirements to ensure that we treat termites right the first time
  • Humane wildlife trapping and removal – Our wildlife removal specialists are trained to safely evict wildlife which has taken up residence in your home
  • Weekly training sessions for all staff – Our ongoing training including safety training, pest control best practices, and on providing top-tier customer service.

We’re Only Finished When You’re Happy With the Results

At Cramer Pest Control we don’t consider our job done until your pest problem has been completely handled. After our technicians visit your home you’ll receive a follow-up call – if you have any remaining concerns let us know and we’ll take care of it!

A Commitment to Customer Service

Everybody says it, but so many pest control companies get it wrong. From your first phone call, to our technician’s visit, to follow-up calls you can expect an unrelenting commitment to your satisfaction. We don’t just want customers, we want raving fans.

Excellent Pest Control + Excellent Customer Service = Happy Customers

We think the equation for satisfied customers is simple, and based on our customer testimonials it seems we’ve figured it out. See what people have to say about working with Cramer Pest Control:

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Whether you’re in Charlotte NC, Rock Hill SC, Fort Mill SC, or the surrounding areas we’re here to help with your pest management needs. Cramer Pest Controlled is licensed and insured to operate in both North Carolina and South Carolina, and our Rock Hill location is standing by to help!

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