Just the mention of the word “cockroach” makes most people’s skin crawl. These indoor pests are tough to get rid of once they get inside your home and can cause allergies and carry diseases. Although you may never want to see one of these insects in your home, it’s hard to deny how fascinating these creatures are.


They Have Been Around a Long Timecockroach on a blue counter

Cockroaches may not be the most dangerous insects in North Carolina, but they certainly are the oldest. Cockroach fossils have been found that date back to over 300 million years. That’s older than many dinosaur species. In that time, they have adapted to the changes of the earth and its inhabitants, including their number one enemy, humans. These evolutionary adaptations are why cockroaches have become notorious for being extremely hard to kill.


They Can Live Anywhere

There are four thousand different species of cockroaches spread across all continents except Antarctica. Apparently, these insects can live after getting their heads cut off but they have yet to adapt to the extreme cold. 


Roaches Can Stay FertileClose up of a cockroach

Since cockroaches have been around longer than almost any other creature on the planet they have had plenty of time to adapt and change with their environment. Another amazing fact about cockroaches is that a female can remain fertile for the duration of her life even after she mates. This is because she has adapted to be able to store sperm and fertilize her eggs on cue. It seems that female cockroaches have adapted to rely less and less on males to keep the species alive.


Cockroaches Are Flexible

They don’t look like it, but cockroaches are incredibly flexible. They can spread their legs and flatten their exoskeletons to limbo their way through tiny gaps and spaces a quarter of their size.


Cockroaches Can Go a Long Time Without Eating

Cockroaches make their way into our homes because they are looking for an easy meal. But even if you decided to throw out all your food and move out of your home, these resilient bugs would still be there if you come back months later. That’s because when they run out of food, cockroaches turn into cannibals.


Roaches Can Survive Headless

Here’s a fun fact you can bring up at the next family barbecue. Cockroaches have adapted to such a level that they can survive several weeks without their heads. This is due to the fact that their control centers are not located in their heads but in their thorax, a marvel adaptation. While headless, cockroaches can still lay eggs. It just goes to show that these creatures are the ultimate embodiment of what lengths nature will go to survive.

Cockroaches are amazing creatures that, despite their bad reputation, are a marvel of nature and a testament to the will of life to continue and survive. As amazing as they are, they can still pose a health threat to you and your family in the form of allergies and asthma. 


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