Answering Your Most Common Outdoor Mosquito Treatment Questions

It’s safe to say that one of the least controversial opinions in the history of humanity is: mosquitoes are annoying. Between their incessant whining buzz and itchy bites, their presence at outdoor gatherings is never welcome. However, these little blood suckers aren’t just annoying – they are actually quite dangerous and spread a whole host of infectious diseases.

While defensive strategies like wearing long sleeves and insect repellent are great options – there is a way to go on the offensive against mosquitoes! Outdoor mosquito treatments are a way to bring the battle to them and can be an effective way to spend less time itching this summer.

This article will look at the most common questions we hear about mosquito lawn treatments, and hopefully will give you a better idea about how to keep your family safe from mosquitoes and the illnesses they spread!

Are mosquito services worth it?

The short answer is: if you have a mosquito problem, then yes, a monthly mosquito treatment service will noticeably reduce their numbers in your yard! Some studies have shown a 89% percent reduction in the total number of mosquitoes after treatment, and this effect persists for weeks.

It is important to note that while mosquito treatments reduce the number of mosquitoes – there is no treatment available which will completely eliminate them.

How long does a home mosquito treatment last?

Both our experience and studies have shown that mosquito treatments remain effective for upwards of 4 weeks. Certain factors like sun exposure and rain can reduce the treatment’s potency – but generally a monthly treatment cycle is optimal.

Can I treat my yard for mosquitoes myself?

We generally recommend against DIY mosquito spray treatment for two main reasons:

1) DIY treatments often yield unsatisfactory results. Commercial grade backpack foggers work better as they penetrate deeper into vegetation than the cheaper sprayers which are readily available to homeowners.

2) Improper usage of pesticides can be harmful to the user as well as the environment. Professional pest control technicians have the training to use these chemicals safely.

However, a great option for homeowners is to clear away any sources of standing water that mosquitoes could use to lay their eggs. Everything from discarded tires to the bases of flower pots can quickly turn into mosquito breeding grounds! Be sure to empty and clean bird baths on a regular basis, and use mosquito dunks in water features like koi ponds.

Want to learn where mosquitoes are breeding in your lawn? Check out our article on the top 10 backyard mosquito breeding sites.

What do professionals use for mosquito control?

Professional pest control technicians use a class of pesticide known as synthetic pyrethroids which are applied with specialized blowers that produce an extremely fine, fog-like mist. These chemicals are lab created versions of a naturally occuring compound which is found in chrysanthemum flowers.

Do bug zappers work for mosquitos?

Unfortunately bug zappers do not work on mosquitoes. These zappers rely on UV light to attract insects and mosquitoes are not attracted to UV light! Instead, mosquitoes are looking for clues of a warm-blooded animal (such as ourselves) like warmth, CO2, and even our body odor!

Should I mow my lawn before getting my yard sprayed for mosquitos?

Yes! We recommend mowing your lawn a day or two prior to your mosquito treatment. This is beneficial because it prevents helpful pollinators like bees and butterflies from being impacted by the mosquito treatment.

Are You Ready to Protect Your Family from Mosquitoes?

Backyard barbecues, tossing the football, and sitting on the front porch drinking a glass of sweet tea are some of our favorite experiences that we associate with summer. However, mosquitoes like to show up uninvited to ruin our fun. Their itchy bites are a reminder of their presence and spread serious diseases like West Nile, Zika, Malaria, and more.
Instead of spending this summer itchy (or indoors), a mosquito treatment eliminates up to 90% of your mosquitoes and makes your lawn a more pleasant place to spend time.

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