Bed bugs are something that many of us think of when watching a movie about kids at camp or something that could be fictional. In reality, everyone is at risk for bed bugs, whether they have a clean home or not. Just like lice, bed bugs can be transferred easily from materials, and they are tough to tackle. 

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From? 

Weirdly, the true origin of bed bugs is blurry. However, they have been documented frequently across several developing continents, including North and South America. Bed bugs did not originate from there, though. They are said to be found in the Middle East up to 3,500 years ago. And while pests normally choose to live outside, bed bugs prefer indoors and will get there by any means necessary.

Where Infestations Occur

These little pests will latch onto anything they can get their legs onto. Purses, bags, backpacks, and even clothing. Once they are in, they will hide anywhere that seems like it will make a good bed. From your actual bed to dressers, hotel rooms, motor vehicles, and more. If you find an infestation in your home or vacation place, it’s important to pack up and take care of the issue right away, but be careful not to take them with you.

Bed Bugs and Disease

Unlike mosquitoes, this household pest won’t necessarily cause a harmful disease, however, they still bite. Like mosquitoes, the bite of the bed bug will itch, causing you to scratch and result in either scarring or an open wound if you do scratch too hard. Symptoms of bites from these tiny demons will appear differently in everyone, some will experience an allergic reaction, and others will have a small red spot as their bite that only causes minor itching. The annoyance will likely come from no longer having a peace of mind about your once safe and cozy home. 

Are You At Risk for Bed Bugs?

Technically anyone is at risk of a bed bug infestation and it is by no means a sign of an unclean home or space. Those who travel often and frequently sleep outside of their own home are actually more likely to bring one or two home with them, resulting in a larger infestation later in time. 

Sadly, there is no magical way to prevent bed bugs, but there are ways to take care of the problem at the first sign before it grows into a larger issue. If you see a bug bite or a bed bug, the first thing you should do is treat with insecticide spray and treat your bite. If there is a larger problem, a professional will be needed. 

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Once you become worried about bed bugs, it’s almost impossible to get them off your mind. 

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