Bed Bugs found after hurricane in North Carolina

South Carolina and North Carolina hurricane season are almost over but bed bug season has begun. Hurricanes produce high winds and damage to homes helping bed bugs transfer to warm and dry places for a haven. Thus, it is so important to spot these bed bugs after the storm has blown over.

After the storm has blown over.

Unfortunately, your South and North Carolina interiors may have suffered extensive water damage to furniture after the storm. You may have even had to replace your mattress. Did you know that deliveries of mattresses are one of the areas the bed bugs can be transported? At no cost to you, furniture companies will deliver your brand-new mattress to your home and remove your old one in the same truck. That is why it’s crucial before you receive your delivery to take time and inspect it. Bed bugs are hitchhikers, and this is one of the ways they find their ways into your homes.

Ways to spot a bed bug?

Tip: Invest in a good flashlight for optimal hunting of bed bugs. An LED flashlight will be better than a standard bulb flashlight. Bed bugs commonly hide in mattresses, box springs, and bed frames. Look for the bugs and little dots of blood, eggshell castings and bed bug excrements. However, if you are having trouble spotting bed bugs, contact our pros at Cramer Pest Control for a free inspection.

Bed Bug Infestation in South Carolina