Bed bugs aren’t fun, and just the sound of their name is cringeworthy. You don’t want bugs inside your house, let alone the bed where you sleep. These little creatures live off the blood of their host and are about the size of an apple seed. The females lay hundreds of eggs and reproduce quickly. They begin to usually feast at night time where they pierce the skin of their victim and withdraw blood through their long mouth for about three to ten minutes and then flee.

Know the signsBed bugs will leave spots in sheets

If you end up with a rash or have an itch, there may be a lot of different possibilities as to what caused your issue. If you assume that bedbugs are the culprit, then look for these things:

  • Blood stains on your covers. Even though it sounds disgusting, if these bugs get squashed they leave a mark on your sheets.
  • Dark colored spots of their excretions.
  • A musty odor that is emitted from their sweat glands
  • The actual bugs themselves

Where they stay

Bed bugs like to hide in a lot of different places when they aren’t feeding. If they’re near your bed you can find them near piping, in the seems of the mattress and box spring, and in cracks in your bed frame and headboard. If it is a serious infestation they could also be found:

  • In couches, under cushions, in curtains
  • In the drawers
  • Inside electrical appliances
  • Under wall hangings and loose wall paper
  • Corners of the room and creases where the walls meet

Immediate ActionHow to get rid of bed bugs

If you find bedbugs, here are some immediate actions you can take in attempt to get rid of them on your own and stop potential late-night bites from happening:

  • Clean all your sheets, curtains, and clothes in hot water and dry on high. Everything soft that can’t be washed should be put in the drier for at least a half hour on high as well.
  • Brush the seems of your mattress thoroughly to remove any bugs and their eggs that may be laid there.
  • Use a vacuum to go over all surfaces in the area where you may have suspected they’ve been. Immediately tie up the contents of your vacuum when you’ve finished.
  • Fix any cracks in the walls and plaster to eliminate their hiding areas and ways of entry into your room.
  • Move any clutter you have near your bed where they could be staying.

The best way to deal with a bed bug issue is to let trained professionals tackle the problem for you. These pests can be very hardy and tough to get rid of.

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