Pests aren’t only a problem in the home, they can also be a big problem in the workplace. Depending on where you work, the mere sight of crawling insect can affect your bottom line. Just like your home, you should work to protect your business from pest infestations that could potentially cost you big time.

Exterior Pest Control

Pests are constantly trying to find a way in and whether you own a restaurant, factory, or any other business, you need to keep them out and away from your products. The best way to prevent pests from getting inside is to start on the outside.

Use Lighting Strategically

Outdoor lights, street lights, and patio lights all attract unwanted insects like mosquitoes and moths. A great commercial pest control method to keep the bugs off your customers is to install bug zappers and other traps. You could also be strategic with lighting placement by keeping lights away from your entrance and shining the light towards it.

Keep Dumpsters Clean and ShutA key commercial pest control tip is to keep your dumpster closed up at night here in Gastonia, NC.

All businesses use a dumpster to get rid of their garbage but these are big magnets for pests and rodents. Make sure your dumpster’s lid is kept closed at all times and do not overfill it; leaving garbage beside the dumpster will attract animals like dogs, cats, rats, mice, and raccoons and insects like cockroaches and flies. Keep the dumpster an appropriate distance away from your business as to not invite pests inside.

Mind Your Entrances And Exits

It’s hard to keep your doors and windows shut at all times when you have a business where customers are coming and going all the time, or have large open bays for sending and receiving deliveries. In these cases you should consider alternative entrances like air curtains, double sliding doors, or revolving doors to prevent insects from getting inside.

Interior Pest Control

It’s inevitable that a pest or two will find their way into your place of business but it’s important to follow sanitary practices that don’t attract pests inside. In places like restaurants, a pest infestation could cost you with the health department and your reputation. In factories or shops that are not open to the public, pests can damage or destroy inventory, costing you a lot of money if the problem isn’t fixed.

Commercial Pest Control

Keeping your business clean is key to preventing infestations. Be sure to have your surfaces, tables, and floors swept at the end of every day. Remove all trash bags and place them in the dumpster. Keep food stored in sealed containers and stored at least 6” off the ground and follow regulations set by the NC Department of Health and Human Services.

Industrial Pest ControlCommercial pest control can help you keep mice from infesting your Matthews, NC business.

Just because you don’t work in the food business doesn’t mean you won’t have a pest problem. It’s common to leave large garage doors open if you work with shipping and automobiles, especially in the summer heat. Leaving doors open all day can lead to mice, rats, and insects from getting inside.

Mice and rats are particularly troublesome to these types of businesses as they can chew through cardboard boxes and destroy precious inventory. Industrial pest control is all about preventative measures. To keep your products safe, store them on shelves and use traps to catch any mice and rats. It might even be wise to have a shop cat to act as security guard against these pests.

Get Professional Help From Cramer Pest Control

Once pests get inside your place of business it can be hard to eliminate them. At Cramer Pest Control, we are offering comprehensive commercial and industrial pest control solutions in the Charlotte, NC area. If you suspect you have an infestation we will send out one of our bug exterminators to evaluate the situation.

Check out our perimeter pest control program to insulate your home from invading insects.

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