Think you’ve got termites?

Dealing with termites is a pain that no one ever looks forward to. The insects have a long list of destructive behaviors and do their best to become a homeowner’s worst nightmare. With their massive appetite for the wood in your home, they rack up a hefty tab on their grocery list. People spend $5 billion every year in the US alone on home repairs due to these guys. To make matters worse, insurance policies usually don’t cover these costs leaving you empty handed to cover the bill yourself.

Termites swarm in thousands and may choose your home as their next feast. These homewreckers feed on cellulose-based plant material such as dead plants, trees, and you guessed it, your house. Every house is constructed differently, however, each and every home can provide the cellulose that termites love to feast on.

You may have an idea that you have a termite problem if:

  • You see a temporary swarm of insects flying in or around your house
  • Hollow noises when knocking on wood
  • Wings that have fallen off around your house
  • Paint that has been cracked or is falling off

Many people assume they have a termite infestation and choose to take matters into their own hands. It may sound appealing for some to join the DIY train and find some creative or unique ways to deal with the pesky buggers themselves. People think that they’re saving money when using DIY methods to handle pest exterminations, though they’re most likely wasting many valuable resources for a solution that may not be one at all.

Why you should leave it to the pros

1.) Knowing the signsTermites in Carolina

When it comes to any insect infestation, it may at first seem easy to know what you’re dealing with. In general, bugs each have their own unique specifications when it comes to getting rid of them. Professionals are explicitly trained to know every warning sign of different pests that invade our homes. When you leave it up to yourself, you may misidentify the problem and treat it the wrong way.

2.) Using store bought insecticide

When using insecticides, it’s super important to make sure you keep you and your family safe when applying to your home. Professionals are experienced and have the knowledge and know how when using pesticides and where to use them, taking extra precautions to ensure safety. The EPA has addressed severe health concerns that could affect your family if you happen to accidentally use an outdoor pesticide indoors. Professionals have access to a lot more potent and effective chemicals you can’t find at your local hardware store. Store bought sprays and traps will only work for the meantime, you can refer to them as a band-aid for your problem that won’t fix it in its entirety.

3.) Waste of TimeTermites infest your home

Time is money. After you’ve thrown yourself into an extermination project on your own you’ve spent time inspecting, researching pesticides, looking up techniques for treatment and then finally purchasing what you think you need. This is all before you even do the treating in the first place and will most likely have to apply two to three more times. To this point, you’ve probably invested a lot of valuable time, and are still only halfway done. If you even manage to get rid of the problem yourself, there are still many preventative measures to take place to ensure they don’t come back time and time again.

4.) Prevention

When you choose to tackle a termite problem on your own the immediate goal is to rid your home of the critters right away. By this point, you’ve invested a lot of time and money and just want to get them out of your life. You might feel a weight lifted off your shoulders after you’ve done whatever treatment you decided to get rid of them with. The second half of the problem is making sure they’re not coming back. When you hire us we get rid of the existing issue and take the necessary steps in order to stop it from happening again. Our professionals know how to figure out where they’re coming from and stop them. Preventative measures top future infestations which saves tons of money you’re potentially going to have to spend in the future. Hiring us today is a worthwhile and safe bet investment for the long run with these critters who have an appetite for your checkbook.


If you think you may have a termite infestation let our trained professionals take care of your problem.

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