As the South Carolina and North Carolina weather starts to cool during the fall, you aren’t the only one trying to stay warm. Spiders, ants, and critters are looking for their winter home. Here are some fall pest control techniques to help make sure your home is not the designated abode for these unwanted guests.

Locate and Seal Common Pest Entrances

fall pest control keep termites out

When insects, spiders, or even mice want to enter your home, they will find a way. However, when you locate common pest entrances, you can make it much more difficult for the creepers. First, locate any gaps under and above your doors then seal them properly. In addition, check for gaps within your siding that can open the door for pests to enter your home.

Spend time filling in the gaps and sealing up doors and windows so that your home is much more insulated and protected from pests. You can also leave this task to the experts when contacting Cramer Pest Control, professionals who offer both residential and commercial pest control.

Eliminate Moisture That Can Attract Bugs

Bugs love warm and moist spots. In order to keep them at bay, eliminate areas around your home that consist of standing water or moisture. For example, remove mulch and soil that is next to your home’s foundation or siding. Also, keep your bushes trimmed so that they are not touching the exterior portion of your home. Many bugs, insects, and spiders find trees and bushes close to your home as the gateway to your house.

Store Food Properly

fall pest control, keep ants out

Even just a few crumbs from last night’s dinner can bring a herd of ants into your home. Make sure to properly store food in sealed containers and secure bags of chips and crackers in your pantry. Pet food is also a target. Make sure that you are cleaning food and water bowls daily to avoid attracting creepy, crawly insects.

Call the Professionals

More so often than not, residential and commercial property owners need the help of professionals to prevent and eliminate pests from their homes and offices. When you contact Cramer Pest Control, our experts will provide a comprehensive assessment of your home and offer affordable fall pest control services that are designed to last.