Usually, when you inspect a new house, you check for water damage, the foundation, the roof, and other repairs that you will have to make. One thing people often overlook when inspecting a house they will potentially buy is pests. Infestations of termites, roaches, ants, or even bedbugs are not always apparent and require a closer look. These damaging pests could cost you a lot of money in repairs if you aren’t careful. So before you buy that dream home, follow these tips to ensure it doesn’t come already occupied.

Check the Dark Places

Pests like to hide, so you will have to move some things around to check thoroughly. Common hiding spots for cockroaches are behind the refrigerator, door gaps, inside cupboards, and behind dressers and headboards. Inspect the beams in the attic and basement for termite or carpenter ant activity. Check for any damp wood that could lead to a future infestation.

Inspect the Foundation

Don’t just inspect the foundation for structural issues. Pests like termites can gain entry to your home by building mud tubes up the side of your home. So be sure to check for holes, gaps, or any current termite activity in the area.

Be on the Lookout for Bed Bugs

If you are buying a furnished home, then definitely inspect it for bed bugs before moving your furniture in. Check behind headboards, dressers, end tables, between the sheets, and under the mattress. Bed bugs are hard to see with the naked eye, but some visible clues are piles of fecal matter and shed skin.

Check for Rodents

Rats, mice, and squirrels are all mammals, which means they need to find someplace warm to live in the winter. If they can, they will find a way into your house and make themselves at home. If a house has been empty for a while, it should be inspected for rodent activity.

Signs of rodent activity include:

Droppings – Mice droppings are small, black, and usually oval-shaped. You’ll usually see them in groups under furniture or behind shelves.

Nests – Rodents can make their nests out of anything, including newspaper, cardboard, and insulation. 

Teeth Marks – They need to get their nesting material from somewhere. Cardboard boxes in the basement or attic make excellent building material.

Seeds – If you find piles of seeds in your rafters or behind shelves, it’s a good indicator that the rodents have a way in and out of your home. This means you need to find that point of entry and seal it up.

Call The Pest Control Experts

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