One of the worst things to endure in your own outdoor space is being attacked by mosquitos. The little bloodsuckers are annoying, constantly buzzing around, then inflicting pain when they bite, as well as irritation for a while afterward.

Not only are mosquitoes annoying, but they can also be dangerous. Numerous diseases such as West Nile Virus are spread by them, making mosquito infestations a potential health hazard. If you have a mosquito problem on your property, you need to figure out why. Your home or business doesn’t need to be under assault.

Standing Water Standing water is a mosquito's breeding ground - literally!

To breed, mosquitoes only need a little bit of standing water. That can include a pet water dish, bucket with a little bit of rainwater in it, bird bath, inflatable pools, etc. Rain can even pool on tarps if they aren’t pulled tight, so check your grill, boat, firewood, or anything else covered.

Air conditioning drip pans can sometimes become mosquito breeding grounds. The same goes for the ground under a leaky outdoor faucet.

It only takes 8-10 days for mosquito eggs to hatch. If you can, empty the water in outdoor containers once a week.

Dunk Large Bodies of Water

Sometimes it’s not possible to empty standing water once a week, like if you have a larger body of water on your property. To treat large bodies of water like ponds, use Mosquito Dunks. These treatments are designed to kill mosquito larvae, and all you need to do is drop the dunk in once a month. These treatments are harmless to animals, including fish and birds.

Dump the Junk

Clean gutters equals no mosquitoes!

Old stuff lying around your property can attract mosquitoes. The big risk is that the items will collect rainwater, giving the creatures a breeding ground you might not have even thought was possible. This can include empty pots, old tires, paint cans, and pretty much anything else that will allow water to accumulate.

Keep the Gutters Clean

Roof gutters that are clogged with debris don’t let storm water flow down the spouts like they were designed to do. As leaves, dirt, and whatever else accumulates in the gutters, that debris acts like a dam. The water collects and stands, making an ideal place for mosquitoes to breed. The solution is simple: keep your gutters clear.

Trim Everything

Maintaining the lawn short and keeping shrubs well-groomed is another form of protection. Mosquitoes like to hide in excessive vegetation, so you want to eliminate that option.

For professional help with a mosquito problem, contact Cramer Pest Control. We offer mosquito control services designed to eliminate these pests from your property once and for all.