If there is one thing that hasn’t changed over the course of human history, it’s our disdain for pests. Humans have been inventing new ways to battle pests since we began living in caves millions of years ago. Even today we are still fighting the endless battle with pests. Some of our fears and misconceptions about pests is part of the reason we have such a hard time protecting our homes and ourselves from them. Here is a list of common pest control myths so you can make better decisions when battling pests in your own home or yard.

You Only Need Bug Spray at Night

Don't belive the pest control myths that tell you to only apply bug srpay at night, apply bug spray during the day to combat the mosquitoes and biting flies here in Greenville, SC.

Many people believe that bugs like mosquitoes will only attack at night but if you live in wooded or swampy areas you know that’s not true. Mosquitoes and flies will bite any time of the day, so if you are going out to watch a kid’s softball game or taking a walk in the park, you should always go prepared.

All Mosquitos Bite

When you are swatting annoying mosquitos in your back yard the last thing you are thinking about is the sex of the insect. With their sheer numbers, it seems like every mosquito under the sun wants a taste of you. In reality, it’s only the female mosquitoes that do the biting. Female mosquitoes require the proteins in mammalian blood to develop their eggs. As for the males, they feed on nectar and only stick around to mate then fly off to die shortly after.

Cockroaches Live in Dirty Homes

There are many pest control myths about cockroaches, but don't be fooled. Protect your Greenville, SC home today!

Cockroaches are known for being able to live in harsh conditions so it doesn’t really matter how clean or dirty the home is. While unkempt homes can be more attractive to cockroaches than clean homes, as long as there is an accessible food and water source roaches can and will find their way inside.

Winter Means No More Bugs

Living in a state with long cold winters may be unbearable, but there is one good thing about it: no more bugs. It’s a commonly held belief that when the cold weather comes, it kills off all the annoying insects. This myth is partially true. There are a lot of insects that die off in the winter, but some migrate to warmer climates while others find a place to overwinter. They usually overwinter in the ground, in trees, or if they are lucky, the comfort of your house. You may have seen stink bugs, box elder bugs, and Japanese beetles congregating around your doors and windows in the fall. This is their overwintering process as they search for a warm place to stick out the cold months. Be sure to check your screens and caulk or these pests will be spending the winter in your home.

Get Professional Treatment From Cramer Pest Control

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