When pests get into your home it can be annoying and scary, but when they infiltrate your place of business, they can be more than annoying. Pests can cost business owners lots of money, time, and even their reputation. In industries that are not open to the public, pests can damage goods in warehouses and factories. As with your home, you should try to protect your business from pests. Take a look at these pest control tips for businesses and commercial properties 

Install Door Sweeps

Commercial pest control begins at the front door and all doors for that matter. Pests can gain entry to your business through a variety of ways but one of the most common is under the door. If you can see daylight under your door then you should probably install a door sweep. Door sweeps are a cheap and effective way to keep pests out of your business.

Use Lighting Strategically

We all know that lights attract insects at night. Yet, despite this, many commercial properties keep exterior lights on throughout the night. This gives pests an excellent chance to get into your building. You can get around this by either turning off all exterior lights at night or installing bug zappers in and around your business.

Trash and Recycling Bins

Dumpsters and recycling bins are huge beacons for pests. Always make sure your dumpster is closed and do not overfill it. Do not leave garbage beside the dumpster either. This can attract mice, rats, raccoons, and insects like cockroaches. Make sure your trash and recycling are dumped regularly. 

Soda Fountains and Drip Trays

Soda and beer have a lot of sugars in them not only taste great to us but to pests as well. Ants and bees are especially attracted to sugary drinks. It is recommended that you clean your drip trays every day to reduce the risk of attracting insects into your restaurant or business. 


Trees and flowers can add a lot of curb appeal to your business, but it can also make it more attractive to pests. Flowers and flowering trees can attract all sorts of flying insects that can enter with guests or employees. Avoid planting flowers around your entrances, especially the entrance guests use because the door is open often. Plant trees and plants that do not flower but can still boost your curb appeal.

Check Your Entrances And Exits

As a business owner, you love to see that door open and customers pouring in. But every time that door opens, it’s an opportunity for bugs to get inside. In places where you have large bay doors for receiving and delivering, this could be an even bigger problem. You can mitigate pests by installing air curtains, sliding, or even revolving doors.

Clean Your Work Area

Keeping your business clean is key to reducing pest infestations. At the end of each workday make sure to wipe down all your counters. Sweep and mop the floors. Take out all of the trash bags and put them in the dumpster. Store all food in sealed containers and at least 6” off the ground.

Get Professional Help From Cramer Pest Control

Once pests get inside your place of business it can be hard to eliminate them. Don’t let pests put you out of business. At Cramer Pest Control we offer comprehensive commercial and industrial pest control solutions in the Charlotte, NC area. If you suspect you have an infestation we will send out one of our bug exterminators to evaluate the situation.

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