After Hurricane Florence ravaged the Carolinas last month residents returning home may have found that while they were gone they got some new roommates. A hurricane or flood can devastate not only your home and neighborhood but also the homes of animals and insects, forcing these post-storm pests to seek refuge, and that refuge might be your home.

These Are Some Post-Storm Pests:


post-storm-pests rats


Flooding forces rats, mice, and other critters out of their holes in the ground and sewers. Rats and mice are great swimmers and can easily chew their way into your home. If your home was untouched by the storm it could be the perfect dry place for unwanted visitors. Before you pack up to avoid the storm make sure your house is sealed up.

Fire Ants

Fire ants are an invasive species in the Carolinas and they have adapted to survive floods. After Hurricane Florence slammed into the east coast residents had spotted what appeared to be floating clumps of dirt, but upon closer inspection, the clumps were actually hundreds of thousands of fire ants. Because their bodies naturally repel water, they float to the surface and cling together to protect the queen. These ant islands can drift around for weeks until they run into something dry or until the water recedes. In this state, they are more aggressive than usual so keep your distance because they will sting on contact. If fire ants have found their way into your home contact Cramer Pest Control immediately.

post-storm pests mosquitos


After a hurricane, there will naturally be an abundance of standing water and humidity, the perfect conditions for an explosion in the mosquito population. An increase in mosquitoes brings with it an increase of mosquito-borne diseases like Zika and West Nile virus. Check your yard carefully for standing water and get rid of it before they can breed. It’s also a good idea to wear long pants and long sleeves when going outside to protect from bites.


Overflowing sewers, decaying vegetation, and dead animals. These are just some of the unsanitary conditions that provide the ideal breeding ground for many species of flies and other annoying insects. Make sure your yard is clear of plant matter and animal carcasses to keep the flies away.


Seek Professional Help!

If you find that rodents or insects have been using your house as a refuge while you were away, contact Cramer Pest Control. Our professionals will come out and evict your unwanted tenants to keep you and your family safe.