The summer has come to an end and we are all starting to feel the familiar nip in the air that tells us that fall is approaching. But humans aren’t the only ones who can sense the change in the air. As summer fades to fall in South Carolina, common pests start to seek out warm places to spend the winter. You may notice certain insects gathering on the sunny side of your home and other buildings. If your home isn’t properly sealed and protected, these pests may make their way into your home and find a comfortable spot to spend the winter.

What Kind Of Pests Are Trying To Get Into My Home?

As winter approaches, insects and rodents need to find warm places to ride out the colder months. These are the most common pests that will try to get into your home in South Carolina.

Kudzu Bugs
The kudzu bug has a reputation in the south as a nuisance to homeowners. These insects usually become a problem during the early spring (March) and the fall (October-November). The first wave of kudzu bug activity occurs during the early spring when the insects emerge from winter hibernation in search of kudzu, their preferred host plant. 

The second wave of activity occurs more noticeably in the fall when the days get shorter and host plants begin to die off. In recent years, the kudzu bugs’ migration begins in mid-October and continues until late November or early December. Kudzu bugs love to find gaps under siding, shutters, gutters, and fascia boards and can even make their way into your home where they can become a nuisance. 

You may notice more spiders in your home in the fall than at any previous time in the year. This is because fall is the time when most species of spiders mate. When fall arrives female spiders give off a chemical called pheromones that lure male spiders out of their webs in search of mates. If there are spiders in your home, and chances are there are, they could be calling male spiders into your home. fire ants on mound

Fire Ants
Fire ants are a non-native species to the United States. They were imported over 90 years ago from the hot and humid jungles of South America. The climate here in North Carolina suits fires ants well except in the winter when temperatures drop. This forces fire ants to seek out warmer spots and if their colony is close to your home, they could find their way inside. Unlike spiders and kudzu bugs, fire ants are very aggressive and WILL bite. Their stings are quite painful and can even cause a severe reaction in those with allergies. Fall is an ideal time to deal with fire ant colonies as the colder weather causes them to slow down and become less active.

Warm-blooded mammals such as rats, mice, bats, and squirrels must find warm places to hibernate, or else they will freeze. Rodents are quite apt at chewing and tearing through softwood and insulation. If your home is not secure, rodents may find their way into your basements and attics where they can breed and spread diseases. 

Preventing Pests From Entering Your North Carolina Home

Pests can enter your home at various entry points. That’s why it is recommended that you do a thorough inspection of your home before winter to ensure your home is protected. 

  • Check that screens are in good shape and windows are sealed without cracks.
  • Caulk any cracks around windows or gaps in the roof.
  • Place screens over vents, chimneys, or other points of entry.
  • Use steel wool to fill openings such as around pipe penetrations or large cracks.
  • Install door sweeps to make sure doors seal properly when closed.

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