When people trust you with their most valuable possessions, you can promise them a climate-controlled room and a secure lock on the door. But can you protect their valuables from pests? From birds to bugs, rats to roaches, there is no shortage of pests and vermin that can find their way into your storage facility. Thankfully, you can use professional industrial pest control services to keep your customers’ property safe.

Pests That Invade Storage Units


These include not only mice and rats but squirrels as well. Rodents pose two problems: firstly, they can carry diseases or other pests like fleas and ticks. It goes without saying that you don’t want to expose customers or your employees to diseases. Secondly, rodents love to gnaw through things like fabric, cardboard, furniture, and electronic cables.

Antsant on leaf

Ants are so small, and one or two isn’t a problem. However, certain species, specifically carpenter ants, can spell disaster for a storage facility. While they do not eat wood fiber, like termites, they use wood to burrow and carve out tunnels, essentially creating an ant mound within the wood. In nature, you would find them in old logs or stumps, but if they find their way into the storage facility, they can ruin wooden furniture.


Silverfish look similar to centipedes, but they have two long antennae and three tails. Their name comes from the silvery scales on their exoskeleton. Some of their favorite hiding places include areas where they can find paper – which they love to munch on. When they get into storage facilities, they will seek out bookshelves or boxes of paper documents. And since they’re nocturnal, you probably wouldn’t see one if you inspect the storage units in the daytime.


Not only do cockroaches look gross, but they can cause health problems when humans come in close contact. Many people have severe allergic reactions to their fecal matter. They can also cause or make existing asthma worse. Unfortunately, they are great survivors. You’ve probably heard the stories that cockroaches could likely survive a nuclear explosion. Like many pests, they are attracted to food. If your customer has food in their storage unit, even if they accidentally left it there, it could be an invitation to roaches.


Birds can easily fly into storage units when doors are open for loading and unloading. If not removed, they can build nests and quickly produce generations of problems. The last thing you need is to have a client open their storage unit to discover their belongings have been covered in bird poop.


Bats are another flying pest we see while performing industrial pest control. While they aren’t going to attack humans, they have a common problem that we’ve already talked about: poop. Bat poop, more commonly known as “guano,” will damage property it touches and creates a horrific odor. If bats can invade your industrial complex or storage unit, they could quickly multiply and contaminate the facility. Due to the biohazard of excrement, there is a chance that anything exposed to the guano would have to be thrown out.

Bed BugsBed Bug

Bed bugs are perhaps the worst pest to have because they are so small, you may not realize they’ve hitched a ride. They can hideout not only in beds but pretty much any piece of furniture you can think of.

Why Pest Control For Storage Units Is Critical

As we’ve already discussed, many of the above pests carry diseases, but there are other key factors that make industrial pest control a wise investment.

Protect Your Reputation

In the days of online reviews, accounts from customers stating your facility is riddled with vermin do not bode well for your bottom line. No one is going to trust their stuff to a bug or rodent-filled container.

Give Customers The Benefit Of The Doubt

While you’d think most people would know if they had roaches or other pests, the truth is that some people genuinely might not realize their property is infested. Often when things are brought to a storage facility, things might have been packed up hastily for an unexpected move. Or maybe a loved one passed away, and the family decided to store their possessions until they decide what to do later. In these circumstances, they might not realize what they’ve got on their hands. By utilizing professional industrial pest control, you can protect both existing and new customers’ things.

Pests Are Clever

A rat might not be able to do a complex math problem like us humans, but when it comes to finding their way in, they are geniuses. Pests are exceptionally clever at utilizing the smallest cracks and gaps to find their way. Sometimes, they even sneak in during the course of normal business. For instance, a mouse might sneak in while movers are loading or unloading their belongings. The bottom line is pests are opportunists, and even when we are diligent, we can overlook things that give pests the advantage.

How To Get Rid Of Pests In Storage Units

At Cramer Pest Control, we use various environmentally-friendly practices that will not damage your customers’ belongings or your facility. We will inspect your storage facility and determine what pest control method is the best for your situation. This could be a heat treatment that uses no chemical and instead bakes the pests to death. Or we may use a fogging or fumigation method. We’ll work with you to decide how to go about things. No two situations are identical! Plus, we offer extended service hours to treat your storage unit facility when employees are gone, so business hours are not interrupted.

Hire Industrial Pest Control Near Charlotte, NC

If you live in North or South Carolina, the Cramer Pest Control experts could be the solution to your pest problem. Our industrial pest control program protects everything from storage units to warehouses. To learn more, ask an expert, or schedule an appointment, call (704) 763-0204 for North Carolina or (803) 802-7540 for service in South Carolina. You can also leave us a message online.

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