As a realtor, it’s your job to make your listings as appealing as possible to potential buyers before they hit the market. Some necessary home improvements and repairs, such as a leaky roof or a dated interior, are obvious. However, some buyer deterrents are less noticeable, requiring a discerning eye to identify what’s literally lurking in various hiding places.

Watch out for insects that could build nests on the side of the house.

Case in point? A pest infestation. Many realtors don’t recognize a home has unwanted critters living inside of it until after they’ve listed the property. At Cramer Pest Control, we partner with local real estate agents to help them quickly pinpoint some common indicators of a pest problem such as:

Live Bugs

This may seem obvious; however, common pests like ants, mites, spiders, and bedbugs are excellent hiders, making it difficult to find active pests in a home. Take the time to carefully examine corners and crevices, particularly in the kitchen where open food containers and crumbs abound.

Groups Of Dead Bugs

Have you noticed groups of dead bugs collecting on windowsills and in the basement of the home? This could be a clear indication that the property has swarms of insects living inside.


Yes, really. Maybe you haven’t noticed any active pests scampering about or buggy bodies lying around. However, if you do notice droppings of any kind in the home, it could mean that the critters have burrowed into the walls and floors of the house.


Insects and pests can cause lasting damage to the home.

Rodents are notorious for crafting nests out of whatever household materials are made available to them. If you see clumps of shredded paper, twigs, cardboard, and furniture filling, you may have stumbled up a mouse or rat nest.


Most pests have their own organic scent, which can become more potent when an animal is confined indoors. Many claim that rats have an ammonia-like aroma, while mice smell musty and more like urine. Bed bugs give off a sweet odor, and a cockroach scent is often described as “oily.”


Just because you can’t see (or smell) any bugs living in a home doesn’t mean you won’t hear them. The scurrying of tiny paws, the sounds of scratching on floors and walls, and even squeaks can all indicate that your listing may have some unwelcome houseguests living there.

Visible Damage

Holes in the walls and floors, deep scratches, and even (gulp) teeth marks on electrical wires, furniture, fixtures may mean the property is suffering from a pest swarm. You may also want to walk around the exterior of the home to look for visible signs of forced entry into the interior.

Concerned a property listing may have a bug, insect, or rodent problem? Cramer Pest Control can help. We offer specialized pest control services to realtors throughout the Charlotte, North Carolina region.

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