Everyone knows the classic saying, “April showers bring May flowers”, but that’s not the only thing April showers bring. Unfortunately, they can also bring some serious pest problems to your home. This is because the wet, rainy spring weather provides the perfect environment for pests like mosquitoes, termites, roaches, silverfish, and others to thrive.

This means moisture control on the interior and exterior of your home is critical this spring when it comes to keeping these pests (and others) where they belong… OUT! Here are some tips and tricks to controlling moisture in and around your home this spring.

Tip #1: Identify Problems Areas

The first thing you will want to do is walk around your home and identify any areas where moisture can gather and sit. Sitting water provides a pristine breeding ground for pests like mosquitoes to lay their eggs, resulting in a constant bombardment of mosquitoes in the months that follow.

problem areas for pests in spring

Some common problem areas include:

  • Clogged gutters
  • Trash cans and recycle bins (make sure they’re flipped upside down or covered!)
  • Bird baths
  • Irrigation systems (sprinklers, hoses, etc…)

If you find sitting water in these problem areas, dump the water and take preventative measures to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Tip #2: Reduce Moisture Levels

As the weather warms up and the rain keeps falling, the humidity level inside your home will increase. Over time this moisture will aid in pest development, meaning you’ll see more, larger pests inside your home. Yikes!

Some easy ways to reduce moisture in your home, and decrease the humidity levels are:

seal home to prevent bugs in spring
  • Dehumidifiers – They take the moisture from the air, remove it, and recirculate the dry air back into the room. It’s simple!
  • Fans – Run ceiling and floor fans to move the air and aid in the evaporation process. Especially when you have your windows open. Also, always turn on the exhaust fan when cooking or showering.
  • Caulk around doors and windows – This will prevent unwanted, moist air from entering your home on humid days.
  • Unclog gutters and downspouts – Doing so will keep the water that runs off your roof on a rainy day from gathering and sitting. Keep them clear and keep that water moving AWAY from your home.

Tip #3: Check For Cracks And Leaks

Moisture seeping through cracks in the foundation of your home can lead to mold and mildew, but it can also lead to serious pest infestations like termites or carpenter ants. It’s been shown that a crack that is 1/64th of an inch in diameter can be big enough for these pests to enter. They’ll be attracted to the cracks in the foundation because they provide them with three things they love: moisture, darkness, and shelter.

Tip #4: Call The Experts In Moisture Control

At Cramer Pest Control, we understand the dangers excessive amounts of moisture pose in and around your home. That’s why we developed our moisture control program. If you’re looking to completely eliminate the threat moisture places on your property, contact us right away!

Our team of experts will assess your entire property, identify the problem areas, and pinpoint the source of the moisture. Then, measures will be put into place to eliminate the issue while preventing it from ever becoming an issue again.

If you’re looking for that long-term solution to yearlong moisture control, contact us here or give us a call at (704) 763-0204. We can help!