Why You Should Add Vent Cleaning To Your Spring Cleaning To-Do List

A good pest control strategy involves more than extermination. Keeping your vents clean will make your property less attractive to pests and keep your family free of other harmful substances that could be lurking in your airways. Here’s why you should add “vent cleaning” to your spring to-do list.

Here’s Why Spring HVAC Cleaning Matters

Poor Circulation = Poor Moisture Controldust from air duct

When the air ducts in your home are congested with dust and other debris, it can cause moisture puddling along window sills. All that excess moisture is attractive to molds, mildews, and fungi. Plus, pests like cockroaches are attracted to areas with ample moisture.

Vents Make Or Break The Scent Situation

You don’t really think about cleaning your vents when the air is clean. But over time, those vents become clogged with air pollutants, and they’ll create a funky smell that doesn’t go away easily. Maybe you’ve noticed that even with regular cleaning, your home still has a musty odor. While many things could cause this – including a cockroach infestation – it could be the case that your vents need cleaning.

Microscopic Pests Hide In Vents

Bacteria, viruses, molds, mildews, and fungi love dark hidey-holes where they can spread without disturbance. Allergens like pet dander also accumulate in your air ducts if you don’t clean them out regularly. In fact, it’s estimated that about half of all human illnesses are caused by bacteria or viruses. You’re doing yourself and your family a huge service by opting for yearly air duct cleaning. You’ve probably heard about the dangers of black mold exposure. Without having your vents inspected and cleaned regularly, there’s no way to tell if this dangerous pathogen is building up in your home.

When It Rains, It Pours

Even if you diligently clean your home, even if you don’t see any active pest situations, they could still be lurking in – you guessed it – your air ducts. If you’ve noticed that you still feel congested no matter how often you clean, it might be allergens in your vents. Critters like termites, rats, mice, and others will take advantage of the fact that your air ducts don’t see the light of day and therefore are less likely to be disturbed than, say, that dark corner of the attic or basement. All that roach and rodent fecal matter builds up and becomes airborne in your vents, which means you could be breathing in pathogens without realizing it.

Vents Tell A Home’s HistoryDirty Vent

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for you – especially indoors, where it clings to virtually everything from fabrics to furniture. When moving into a new property, it might seem fresh and clean, but if the past homeowners smoked indoors, all that tobacco residue could be in the air vent just waiting to strike. Funnily enough, there’s a term for this: third-hand smoke. Even if you’re not smoking directly or in the presence of a smoker, you could still experience negative health effects from their past activity every time the air conditioning or heating system operates.

Clogged Vents Create Higher Operating Costs

When your air ducts are clogged with dust and debris, it puts a strain on the entire HVAC system, causing it to burn more energy to circulate the air. Your HVAC system will need to operate for longer periods of time, use more electricity or gas, and consequently raise your monthly bill. And as if the higher utility bill wasn’t enough reason to get your vents cleaned: poor circulation in your home can allow deadly carbon monoxide to collect!

Keep Your Airways Clean – Find Duct Cleaning Near Charlotte, NC

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